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Data Policy and Cookies

Data Policy and Cookies

We give you the power to share as part of our mission to make the world more open and connected. This policy describes what information we collect and how it is used and shared. You can find additional tools and information at https://inkontrifree.com/privacy .

Who we are

INKONTRIFREE.COM is operated by Sc WORLD OF EXPERTS Srl, a company registered in Romania, COSTACHE NEGRI, NR 60, Bloc C4, parter, City Iasi and company number 37002361 .

The full legal bit

We know that other people’s use of your personal data is a big concern for social network users, so we at INKONTRIFREE.COM o have developed this privacy policy (the “Policy”) to let you know how we use personal data.
Our Policy applies to your use of the INKONTRIFREE website at https://INKONTRIFREE.com .
We suggest you read it in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions of Use (“https://inkontrifree.com/dating/terms_of_use”) . When you access or use INKONTRIFREE.COM , you agree to our Privacy Policy and you consent to our collection, storage, use and disclosure of your personal data as we’ve set out in this Policy.
INKONTRIFREE.COM reserves the right to change our Policy at any time and without notice, so be sure to check this Policy regularly to understand how we use your personal data.
According to Law no. 677/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, amended and supplemented, and the Law. 506/2004 concerning the processing of personal data and privacy in electronic communications Sc WORLD OF EXPERTS Srl CUI 37002361  is required to manage safely and only for specified purposes, personal data that you provide us.
In case that some of your data is incorrect, please let us know as soon as possible.
You should read this privacy policy because it will tell you exactly how your personal data is being looked after by INKONTRIFREE.COM  and that’s a pretty important thing for you to know. Here are the topics that we cover:
⦁ What information we collect and how we collect it
⦁ How we use the information and who we share it with
⦁ How you can access and update such information
⦁ How we protect the information we store about you
INKONTRIFREE.COM is a meeting place for adults, and we provide that service by operating a social network site offering users the opportunity to connect to our community of users.
To join the INKONTRIFREE.COM network you will have to complete our online registration form, where we ask you to provide us with information about you such as your name, your email address, your gender, your date of birth, your location details. You also have the opportunity to provide other details about yourself, but these are optional. Because you control your user profile, these details are available to you at any time by accessing your “Profile” page, which gives you the chance to correct or update (other than gender and email address) your information at any time by just logging in to INKONTRIFREE.COM .
Once you have created a Profile, we will automatically track certain information such as your IP and email addresses.
INKONTRIFREE.COM don’t collect any personal data about visitors to our site. If you do visit us without becoming a member, we will place session ID cookies on your computer. 
If you contact our Customer Support team via Feedback page, we will receive your email address, and may track your IP address as well as the information you send to us to help resolve your query. We will keep records of our communications with you, including any complaints that we receive from you about other users (and from other users about you).
On your “Settings” page INKONTRIFREE.COM offers you the opportunity to receive emails from us about new message notifications or other purposes related to the use of the website.

Protection of privacy and handling personal information

INKONTRIFREE.COM abidies by the international, European and Italian norms (pursuant to Lgs.D.n.196/2003) in vigor concerning the protection of privacy and handlig personal information. Some information, indications or contents that the Subscribers provide optionally can, under their responsibility, reveal the racial and ethnic origin, the city, the name, the age, as well as the personal data suitable to reveal the sexual life. By entering such optional informations at their own free will, the member expresses consent to INKONTRIFREE.COM to process such 'sensitive' data and takes the whole responsability.
Furthermore, personal information collected (including but not limited to: username, age, city, sex, interests of the user and use of the Service,etc) in compliance with Lgs.D.n. 196/2003 will be used for internal communications regarding the services offered by INKONTRIFREE.COM .
Every user can send an e-mail at CONTACT@INKONTRIFREE.COM for everything regarding privacy concerns. The user must specify his nickname, password and e-mail address in order to acces his personal informations and have them modified, deleted or to forbid a specific use of them by INKONTRIFREE.COM , following the methods described in this article at n°4 ('the holder of personal data'). Each member can, at the entry or at any later time, ask to receive and then ask for free via INKONTRIFREE.COM to stop receiving the INKONTRIFREE.COM newsletter sent via mail from INKONTRIFREE.COM 

Type of information collected

The personal information gathered by INKONTRIFREE.COM may include members' e-mail address, information about their physical appearance, users' interests and how they enjoy the Service.
Furthermore, some non-personal information can be collected, such as the browser version (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.), operating system used by the user (Windows 98, Windows Vista, Windows 7 Mac OS, etc) and the IP address of the computer used. INKONTRIFREE.COM can use cookies whose purpose is to save the Member's identification information while visiting INKONTRIFREE.COM , to prevent the Member from having to enter them manually for every page visited. Members can prevent the use of cookies any time they want by changing their Internet browser settings.
By sending or entering personal information at INKONTRIFREE.COM site, the user accepts the methods and purposes of the processing thereof and expresses his/her consent for their use according to the provisions of this article.
INKONTRIFREE.COM gathers personal information sent voluntarily by its users at the INKONTRIFREE.COM web site and binds itself not to disclose the personal information in any way.
While signing up to INKONTRIFREE.COM network, there will be collected the following information: nickname, e-mail address, gender, birth date, location;
If other personal information is saved in the profile, INKONTRIFREE.COM collects that information as well.
If personal information is entered (including but not limited to: \'sexual preference\' using one of the functions of INKONTRIFREE.COM network, that information is subject to data gathering (published information in the Personal Profile). Personal data such as full name, e-mails are private and are not published in the Personal Profile.
If the user contacts INKONTRIFREE.COM by e-mail, the e-mail address and the information contained in the message will be stored.
Who can access this information

Personal data is processed electronically only, and it is handled using a computer-based authentication system. The user's information is archived in protected databases and can be accessed only by those in charge of handling them and in case of need only.
The contents published at registration, when choosing research parameters and defining can be accessed at the INKONTRIFREE.COM . 
Personal data are not disclosed by INKONTRIFREE.COM to third parties through newsletters or other websites or any electronic communication channel (e-mail, usermane etc.) or audiovisual (radio, television, etc.) or in the press (newspapers, magazines , etc.). 

Purpose of handling the data

INKONTRIFREE.COM gathers information and data in different ways and at various occasions. Some personal information is gathered when you sign up for INKONTRIFREE.COM , other information is gathered while you are using INKONTRIFREE.COM services or when you participate in any other program of it, which allows you to enjoy services in a customized way and participate in various initiatives raised by INKONTRIFREE.COM . This information allows us to adapt the service or the site to the needs of Members and sent them information, offers, promotional messages about the services and products that might be of interest to them. The Member will receive this information if and only if he/she has expressed interest therein. The Member can revoke his/her consent at any time, by changing his/her INKONTRIFREE.COM personal settings.

Furthermore, in order to offer its services and manage different payment systems including possible charges on goods and services purchased on line, INKONTRIFREE.COM uses the member's information for the following purposes: for obbligation imposed by law, by regulation and by the international and European Community jurisdictions as well as directives coming from judicial authorities (es:court-ordered and police investigations, fiscal and accounting records, etc.); in order to fulfill contractual obbligations and to give technical and post sales assistace. For invoicing and charging issiues, dispatching orders and for necessities regarding other matters (such as postal dispatch communication).

Person in charge of handling personal information

The person in charge of the Processing sensitive information is the company Sc WORLD OF EXPERTS Srl, the owner of INKONTRIFREE.COM service, headquartered in Via COSTACHE NEGRI, NR 60, Bloc C4, parter, City Iasi, Country Romania. The data and the https://www.INKONTRIFREE.com/ site are protected at the headquarters of the Person in charge of processing the information.
The Member can contact at any time, by sending an e-mail to CONTACT@INKONTRIFREE.COM, the Person in charge of processing the information in order to obtain confirmation whether his/her personal data exists or not, even if they\'re not saved yet and have them communicated in an intelligible way.

Intellectual property

Contents divulgated by INKONTRIFREE.COM 

INKONTRIFREE.COM ® registered trademark, websites, services, logos, graphics, animations, videos and texts contained at INKONTRIFREE.COM site are the intellectual property of Sc WORLD OF EXPERTS Srl and users and/or members can not reproduce, use or represent them in any way or modality; offenders will be subject to legal action.
The right to use is strictly limited to the access and on-line use of INKONTRIFREE.COM site and services for private and personal uses exclusively pertaining to and during the validity of INKONTRIFREE.COM membership. Any other use is prohibited.
In particular, members or users cannot edit, copy, reproduce, download, publish, transmit, commercially make use of and/or distribute services and the content of INKONTRIFREE.COM site or the computer programming codes of the elements comprising the services and INKONTRIFREE.COM site by any means.

Contents divulgated by Members

Members bear the exclusive responsibility for contents, such as, profiles, messages divulgated and broadcast at INKONTRIFREE.COM site. By publishing or broadcasting such content at INKONTRIFREE.COM site, members authorize INKONTRIFREE.COM expressly to reproduce, represent, adapt, translate, convert into digital format, extract completely or partially such content for any advertisement, marketing or any other purpose, to grant or authorize subcontracts, at INKONTRIFREE.COM site or any other partner channel of the site, on any support or by any broadcasting means, especially digital means (e-mail, SMS, Internet, CD-Rom or DVD-Rom) or audio-visual communication (press, radio, terrestrial, digital, cable or satellite television.). The Member explicitly authorizes INKONTRIFREE.COM to modify the above mentioned content in order to comply with the site\'s design or other media of communication mentioned above and / or to make them compatible with its technical processes or appropriate media formats. The member cannot copy, reproduce or otherwise use the content relating to other members except for the narrow needs of using the Services for personal and private.
Members and/or users are banned from publishing or broadcasting content that may violate third-party intellectual property rights at the site or through INKONTRIFREE.COM services by any means.
The user hereby agrees and warrants that the above contents, including personal pictures, are posted by the user and the user is the exclusive author of the content, including photos and profile, and that the use of such content by us does not infringe the rights of any third party.
INKONTRIFREE.COM undertakes no obligation to publish content submitted by you or anyone else. Although we do not examine and we can not review every message and photograph or other material posted or sent by users of the Service and we are not responsible for the content of these messages or materials, we reserve the right, but assume no obligation, except as required by applicable law, to monitor, delete, move or edit messages, photographs or any of the material above, including, without limitation, announcements, profiles, public publications, photographs and messages which, in our sole discretion, we believe to violate these Terms or any guidelines applicable to the content, or are deemed otherwise unacceptable. The user is the solely responsible for the content of profiles, publications, public, photographs and any other material that the user uploads to the Service or for the users of the Service. We do not guarantee the accuracy of information provided by other users of the Service, or assume any responsibility to carry out checks to that effect.

Manage and Delete Information

1. You can review and revise your profile information at any time. Once you register, you will be able to review and change much of your personal data including:
⦁ Your contact email address;
⦁ Your profile, photographs, and videos;
⦁ Your city, region, and country of residence;
⦁ Your password.
Please promptly update your information if it changes by signing-in to your account and following the screen prompts. We strongly urge you to periodically change your password to help reduce the risk of unauthorised access to your account information.
Users in certain jurisdictions are, in accordance with applicable law, entitled to exercise a right of access to personal data about themselves by asking for a copy of the information we hold about them (for which, where allowed by law, we may charge a small fee). Please put any such request in writing and using our contact form: https://www.INKONTRIFREE.com/contact.
2. Users of the INKONTRIFREE.COM o network have the following choices to delete their profile from our database:
⦁ Send a message via Feedback page https://www.INKONTRIFREE.com/contact
⦁ Sign in with your password go to My profile >> My account. Scroll down to the bottom of the page where it says ' Delete account' and follow the instructions given and delete your profile. 
If you want to stop using your account it will be initially deactivated. This means that no user will be able to search for you on the website although they may still see you profile from direct cached links, but it will not be deleted. We save your profile information in case you later decide to restore your account. Many users deactivate their accounts for temporary reasons and in doing so expect us to maintain their personal data until they return to INKONTRIFREE.COM . You will therefore be able to restore your account and your profile in its entirety within 30 days of de-activating it.
After the expiration of 30 days, your account is permanently deleted from INKONTRIFREE.COM . We delete photographs from our servers within 14 days from the expiration of the deactivation period while other information (such as contact history) is deleted by us over a longer timescale, by way of housekeeping on a periodic basis. You should only delete your account if you are certain you never want to restore it.
To prevent abuse and/or misuse of INKONTRIFREE.COM by a user following termination or deletion of a profile/account we shall retain such information as we deem in our sole discretion may be necessary to ensure that user does not open a new account and profile in breach of our Terms and Conditions of Use and to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations.

Cookies Policy

The site uses cookies to identify you as a user of this Site, to remember your favorite language and to facilitate the surfing on the Site. It is possible to deactivate the cookies in your own Internet browser, but if you do so, some parts of the Site won't work correctly.
We collect information by placing cookies on your computer or mobile. A cookie is a piece of text stored on your computer or mobile by your web browser. They are basically a tool that stores information about website visits, recognises you and your preferences each time you visit INKONTRIFREE.COM , and ensures site functionality and enables us to provide the services our members request.
When you visit the publicly available sections of INKONTRIFREE.COM , a session ID cookie is placed on your computer that only lasts while you’re visiting. We also place persistent cookies (also known as local storage devices) on members’ computers, so that Badoo remembers them and makes their login experience faster and easier. We may use persistent tracking cookies on your mobile device, mainly for security protection purposes, such as to prevent phishers, scammers, unauthorised log in attempts, and to help you access your hacked account. We do not use any information whilst you are logged off.
You may set your browser and your mobile settings to block cookies and local storage devices, but if you do so, you may not be able to access the features that INKONTRIFREE.COM offers.
INKONTRIFREE.COM uses cookies and local storage devices for a number of reasons, including to ensure the security of our site, to provide you with features you have requested and to analyse how members and visitors use INKONTRIFREE.COM . INKONTRIFREE.COM ’s use of cookies and local storage devices basically falls into the following categories:
⦁ those that are strictly necessary to deliver the services and products you have requested, such as, for example purchasing INKONTRIFREE Premium
⦁ cookies related to the performance of INKONTRIFREE’s site, such as analytics that help us determine how our site is performing and ensuring a smooth and trouble free experience for our members and visitors
⦁ cookies related to the functionality of INKONTRIFREE’s site, such as remembering your preferences at log in or your preferred language or allowing you to chat, add photos and instant message INKONTRIFREE members; 
INKONTRIFREE uses Google Analytics to collect information about how visitors use the INKONTRIFREE site. We use the information to compile reports and to help us improve the site. The cookies collect information in an anonymous form, including the number of visitors to the site and where visitors have come to the site from . 
These cookies help us to identify our members so that when you’re logged in, you can enjoy INKONTRIFREE ’s offerings, experiences and various features, such as uploading photographs, chatting and can localise your experience.
We use cookies and other devices, such as CAPTCHAs, to help keep INKONTRIFREE and our members safe and secure. These cookies do things like protect INKONTRIFREE  users from spam and fraud, by ensuring the safety of your personal data when you shop on INKONTRIFREE for things like INKONTRIFREE Premium.
We need to use certain cookies and local storage devices to ensure our members have the best possible experience, such assisting with your navigation of our site, ensuring pages load up quickly and respond faster to your requests for INKONTRIFREE services.
If you would like to know more about cookies, including flash cookies/local storage devices, the following websites provide useful information:
For a video about cookies visit www.google.co.uk/goodtoknow/data-on-the-web/cookies
The site uses Google Analytics to gather data on who visits the website. This information is used to draft a report and improve the site itself. The cookies, gather in an anonymous way, some type of data such as the number of visits, origins of the visitors and the visited pages. For further information regarding the Google privacy Policy please check http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/

Contact INKONTRIFREE for more information

⦁ Write to Support Team https://www.inkontrifree.com/contact
⦁ If you have questions or need help just drop us a line CONTACT@INKONTRIFREE.COM and our support team will get back to you shortly.

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